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Acid Rain

Acidic substances in air will mix with rainwater to form acid rain which causes damage to our envirnment.

tiffany yui hay tse

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of Acid Rain

Acid rain Cause of acid rain Defination of acid rain. If the pH value of the rainwater is lower than 5.6, it is considered as acid rain The use of fossil fuels gives out a lot of air pollutnats like the sulphur dioxide & nitrogen oxides. They will react with water and oygen in the air to produce sulphuric acid & nitric acid which make the rainwater more acidic. Acid rain is formed Effects of acid rain on the environment Corroding metal products Reaction between acids & mental Acids react with some metals. During the reaction, acids corrode the metals & hydrogen is produced. Video: Therefore,acid rain corrode metal products, e.g. iron fances, briges & metal cars. If acid rain penetrates into the soil, it may also corrode undergroud metal pipes. Corroding building materials & statues Reaction between acid & building materials Acids reacts with the calcium carbonate and causes corrosion. Many building building materials, e.g. marble & limestone, contain calcium carbonate. Therefore, many buildings & statues made of marble & limestone are easily ccorroded by acid rain. Video: Killing aquatic life The acid rain eventually enter lakes & river, & lower the pH value of the water. Most fich & aquatic plants cannot survive in water that is too acidic. Damaging the forests. Acid rain washes away the nutrients in the soil & makes the soil more acidic. Many plants can't grow well in the acidic soil. Also, acid rain destroy the leaves of the plants direatly, so the plants can't carry out photosynthesis. Video:
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