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Henri Matisse

Famous Artists

Faith k Mumba

on 20 June 2015

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Transcript of Henri Matisse


And Matisse's mother,Anna Heloise ran the section of her husband's shop that sold house paints, which left a lasting impression on Henri.He was inspired by his mother.

His mother was a painter too but not a famous one.However, Matisse was different, he once said,' I don't paint things,I only paint the difference between things.' people say, he had a colorful imagination.And it`s true, from the look of his work.
Later on, Matisse was sent to school by his dad in Saint-Quentin. Afterward, in the year 1887, Matisse took off to Paris to study law, and was employed as a Law clerk.
Painting: Beginnings
At the age of 21, Matisse became seriously ill, but later on, when he was on convalescence,-The time needed for returning to health after illness.
His mother had bought his some art supplies. And later he said,"From the moment I held the box of colors in my hands, I knew this was my life. I threw myself into it like a beast that plunges towards the thing it loves,"And that's where it all began.
Matisse's mother was the first person to tell Matisse to ignore the 'rules' of art, and follow his own.

Matisse was so committed to art, that he once told his wife later on when he got married;“I love you dearly, mademoiselle; but I shall always love painting more.” Matisse's passion for Art truly disappointed his father.
This is one of his first paintings he did.in the year 1894.
-Titled:Woman reading.
My presentation is based on an Artist named Henri Matisse,Born in a small cottage, in a city called Le Cateau-Cambrésis in north of france. on a rainy evening, 31st December 1869, the last day of the year,One of the most famous Artists of the 20th century was born.
Two years later, he gave up his career as a lawyer and took off to Paris ,to become a student of William-Adolphe Bouguereau at Académie Julian He studied art there, and 1 year before finishing his studies, he left in disappointment at the overly perfect technique they taught there.
Afterward, he went to Gustave Moreau to be trained by him.
Here's a video on some
of his most significant arts.
Matisse and marriage
Matisse had been married 3 times, and had only 3 children named Jacqueline,Peter, and Paul Matisse, with his first wife Amelie.

The marriage of Henri Matisse and Amelie Noellie Parayre was a coincidence. They had nothing in common, and there was no reason why Matisse and Amelie should have ever met. But in the year 1898 on October, Matisse was invited to a wedding in Paris. And had happened to be sitting write next to his future wife. There was no flirtation between them what so ever. However, in the end of the wedding ceremony ,Matisse never forgot the way she held out her hand to him.The they`d fallen in love.

After some time, January 1898, Matisse and Ameli, got married.
Youth and Early Education
The woman in the paintings is believed to be Matisse's wife Amelie.
An oil painting Painted in the year 1905 on canvas
Gustave Moreau
~After Education~
Critical Analysis.
As we all know, we were supposed to pick a masterpiece that we like best. So I decided to go with a painting Matisse did, in the year 1908, titled, The dessert: harmony in red (The red room).Which is an oil painting done on canvas.
Matisse, grew up during the years when life was still developing.

Matisse's Father, Émile Hippolyte Matisse, worked as a grain merchant.-A businessman who deals with grains.
Thank you!
Any questions

I liked this image the best out of all,because when I first looked at this image, it reminded me of a marvelous, sunny day in a palace, because of the view of the garden from the window, and the brightness of the red color shown in the image.
My first impression to the piece of art was, ‘what did he use?’ I asked that, because when you’d first look at it from afar, you’d think it’s a cut out, but closer up, you`d notice that it`s a painting.
Would you believe that the Dessert Harmony (the red room), was once called,`the blue room?' Well it`s true. It was first blue,but when he was done,Matisse was dissatisfied with the results,so he painted it over with red.

I suppose you might had thought the painting was an image of a dining room, but really, it was Matisse's view of his art studio, and his maid setting some fruits on his table.
life:Last words
In the year 1941, Matisse had been diagnosed with Stomach cancer.
He had stomach cancer surgery and the surgery left a devastating effect on his health.
He didn`t have the ability to paint or to stand up in front of an easel.
From 1905 to 1906, Matisse had painted one of his best and most significant paintings he said he had done, titled,`the joy of life.`

A famous art collector, Dr.Alberd.C .Barnes had bought the painting`The joy of life.`And was considered one of the most important arts of 20th century.

Before Dr.Alberd. Matisse had other famous collectors, who supported His work and adored most them.And because of that, After world war 1 had ended, Matisse became famous himself, and was recognized as an artist.
However, his passion for art never ended. instead of paintings, he had continued making paper cut outs with the strong,Vibrant, and rich colors he`d used when painting

Though, he didn`t do it alone,he had some help from his assistance,because he was so sick, he had been lying in bed since his stomach cancer surgery

The good thing about Matisse was he was a happy man.Even though he had been through terrible times, he`d always think of the bright side to something bad.And that`s the same thing he did after his surgery. he believed in himself,and knew he`d never give up in art.
There are always flowers for those who want to see them.
(Look at the bright side to bad things)
Died on November 3, 1954, remember as a highly dependable artist.
By Faith.M
Descriptions and initial reaction
To conclude, Matisse was a great inspiration to other people, from the time he began painting.And I hope you enjoyed and learned something from my presentation.
Facts about The Dessert Harmony in red.
Le Garbe done in 1953.
Sorrow of the king
The Fall of Icarus
The joy of life is a painting
representing all shades of skin color embracing, and relaxing with one another.
Matisse experimented on creating other forms of art like;
But was most well known for his paintings.

Matisse, a creator of modern art.He also did room interiors, and still-life paintings.
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