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Unit 34: Contemporary Songwriting Tech - inspiration

No description

Jon Hawkesford

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Unit 34: Contemporary Songwriting Tech - inspiration

Inspiration Unit 34: Contemporary Songwriting Technique By The End: The plan for today Examine a common song structure
Discuss types of inspiration
Analysis of song meanings/inspiration
Use different forms of inspiration to write lyrics
Showcase the results Explain the structure of a pop song
Use this structure to form your own songs
Analyze the meaning of a song
Adapt material for use as lyrics Discuss Where can you find
inspirations for songwriting? In your groups mind map as many ideas for inspiration as you can think of. Get in to your songwriting pairs/groups and analyze these song lyrics Inspiration behind songs/Song Meaning What do you think the song is about?
Where might the songwriters have found their inspiration? In your songwriting groups use the stimuli given to you to provide inspiration for your songs using the structure we identified earlier: Task - Adapting material
to use as effective lyrics What is your song about?
Why have you chosen that topic/article/line?
Did you find it easy to get started?
Would you use this form of inspiration again? Feedback We will look at chord sequences in aural perception skills which you can use to accompany your lyrics and write your melody from Continuing...... you will be able to: This relates to outcome 2: Be able to write or adapt material for use as effective lyrics Song Structure Listen to the following pop song & write down the structure You are looking for: Verse
Pre chorus
what order they fall in
how many bars each part lasts for Price Tag
Song Structure

Verse 1 - 8 Bars
Pre Chorus - 4 Bars
Chorus - 8 Bar
sVerse - 8 Bars
Pre Chorus - 4 Bars
Chorus - 8 Bars
Bridge - 12 bars
Chorus - 16 bars
Outro Be able to write or adapt material for use as effective lyrics Outcome 2 Stimuli Newspaper headlines or stories Overheard conversations or situations TV and Films Books Diaries She's Leaving Home -
IntroVerse 1 - 8 Bars
Pre Chorus - 4 Bars
Chorus - 8 Bars
Verse - 8 Bars
Pre Chorus - 4 Bars
Chorus - 8 Bars
Bridge - 12 bars
Chorus - 16 bars
Outro Things to consider: You could take a single line as inspiration
You could write about an entire article
Who's point of view will you write from
Will it be a story?
Will it be a comment on the article? Write down your ideas
Construct a chorus - your summary Song Structure We will meet up at the end to feedback results so far Jeremy - Vedder/Ament Being for the benefit of Mr Kite -
Lennon/McCartney Stand By Me - King/Leiber/Stoller Empire State of Mind
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