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Ice Cream Taster

No description

Dario Leon

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Ice Cream Taster

When your an ice cream taster your salary is $56,000 a year. And $20-$100 a day
Job Requirements/College Info
You have to be educate yourself on what ice cream professional tasters do They create new flavors, develop new products and perform quality assurance tests on existing inventory. They must know how to assess the best appearance, flavor and texture for developing or selecting a product and may serve as marketing representatives for their company.
You have to Earn a university degree with an emphasis on food science (dairy), business (product development) or chemistry. Also marketing courses in brand management in your studies.
A good sense of taste and a passion for ice cream.
Personal Skills
Personal skills you need to have are

Tasting senses in which your mouth has the ability to taste something.
Opinions in which you have to give reviews/opinions on the taste of the ice cream.
Almost everybody in the whole world has a job. Some are easy and some are hard. Well imagine having a job where all you do is just taste heaven. And when i mean by heaven i mean ice cream. Tasting ice cream is a job and this is my food career!
Ice Cream Taster
The duties of an ice cream taster is to test/taste how the ice cream taste like.
You have to evaluating ice cream, not just for taste but also for texture, smell, consistency and a wide range of other elements.
Dress Code
What a ice cream taster has to wear is a lab coat and i want to then wear gloves.
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