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where did technology start in life

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maha el-masri

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of where did technology start in life

past, present and future technologies
past technologies
present technologies
what is technology
Let us go back in time to find the past technologies.
So who invented the first ever technology?
The first ever technology was the mechanical calculator invented by Blaise Pascal at the age of only 19. The machine consisted of gears wheels and cylinders that could be used to add or subtract. He called the machine the pascaline.
So what technologies do we have today?
so what has changed since the past.let us compare.
Well there has been many changes since the fisrt ever mechanical calculator. Many things were upgraded such as the computers and the discs and even the televisions.
Many things have been discovered since the first technology. Our level of technolgy today is very good. Actually it is the best and can be made even better. Our technology is high tec and is much upgraded than the past technologies. There have been many new technologies such as the ipad, hd cameras, smart tv's and even iphones.
Technolgy is the design of creative and useful products to meet the needs and wants of others. It helps people in their lives and without the technology we would be useless.
future technology
the holographic computer
The holographic computer is a computer that is holographic. It is on a really tiny chip which means it is portable which means you can take it anywhere. It comes in many ranges of colours. It has no keyboard but a keypad is installed in the computer so it is touch screen. It has voice control and only answers to its ownwer. Because it is holographic it can transform into any shape that the owner wants. This holographic computer could change the way that people live
To sum it all up past present and futre technology will never be the same. The past tchnology will never be forgotten because of the wonderful things it has led the world to. The present technology will never be fogotten because the present will lead the future to new discoveries.
thanyou for listening :)
adobe flash player past present and futre technology computer textbook
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