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Rachel Hinman

No description

ricardo gomez

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Rachel Hinman

Currently, she manages a team of mobile UX designers for Kohl’s department store’s e-commerce group. Her team focuses on reinventing the mobile retail experience and creating new and innovative in-store experiences for Kohl’s customers.
The Mobile Fronteir
Invention requires casting off many anchors and conventions inherited from the last 50 years of computer science and traditional design and jumping head first into a new and unfamiliar design space.

Rachel Hinman is a researcher, designer and a recognized thought leader in the mobile user experience field.
Throughout the design process our work should be situated in the contexts where it will be used.
What Can we Learn from Rachel?
Rachel Hinman
With a background in UX and corporate research labs, Rachel’s career has been spent understanding and designing new and emergent technology experience.
Her clients and previous employers have included IDEO, Microsoft, Yahoo! Mobile, Nokia, and Kaiser Permanente.

Design Process?
So whats her
Initial user research

Ideation and Design

Usability and Validation

Go The Gemba
What do we need to in order to be successful?
replicating the physical world in the digital world with identical interface design
improving and optimizing the Microsoft office experience for mobile devices
We need to stop
Or in general trying to recreate the desk top experience on mobile devices.
"Designers should no longer be designing for screens or for pages because that isn’t the design material we are working with anymore."
"We shouldn’t assume that interfaces have keyboards or a mouse."
"Instead we should be designing systems that accommodate multiple content relationships."

We need to take into account other senses.

Thank You
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