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Developmental Autobiography

No description

Brittany Gee

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Developmental Autobiography

Brittany Gee Developmental Autobiography Stage 1: Prenatal Stage 5: Adolescence 1. During my prenatal development my mother had a smooth sailing pregnancy with no complications. She gained 50 pounds while she was pregnant with me and she had a craving for dressing and Reese cups.

2. I was described as a sweet, charming, pleasant, beautiful baby girl. I had dark, thick black/brown hair and the same hazel eyes I have today. I weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce. I was born in North East Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, Georgia. I was surrounded by my parents, brother, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. I only had one complication when I was born, my right hip was out of place so I was in a brace for the first six weeks of my life.

3. My mother received the an epidural

4. My mother described me as a very good, happy baby. Also, after about three weeks of my existence, I began sleeping all night long and my mother would have to wake up and check on me. The family adjusted well to my presence and my brother, which was five, adored and loved me. 1. My mother had no interest in breast feeding so therefore, I was bottle fed.
2. My parents took care of me. My mother was a stay at home mom until I was old enough to attend Pre-K.
3. My mother said I was real quick with my motor and language skills. I was walking around ten months.
4. According to Chomsky's theory, My environment growing up was beneficial to my social skills and language development because I was able to watch and pick up on everything my older brother did.
5. My parents were authoritative they were very loving and had clear expectations and rules set but at the same time they allowed enough space to where I could make my own decisions as well. I felt as if I was always very secure.
6. My temperament would be described as an "easy baby". I had rhythmic feeding and sleeping patterns I also was a very happy, cheerful baby.
7. My parents thought it was necessary to give unconditional love. Every time I cried or screamed, they came running. As a child its easy to say I was spoiled but they also made me pay when I was acting like a spoiled brat. Even though I was constantly held and had someone respond moments after I cried out, I had no problem learning to self-soothe at night, where as Erikson's theory stated children parented as such would never learn to. Stage 2: 0-2 years 1. I had very good immune system. I was rarely ever sick. I also was well coordinated. However, I broke my right wrist in first grade when I was six years old jumping off of a swing set. On the bright side, it only took a little over four weeks to heal.
2. Just as Piaget stated, children for the first two years mission is to explore this new found planet we have been born onto. As a child, that is exactly what I did. As soon as I was able to crawl I got into everything and everything I got a hold of went straight into my mouth. Where as my mother said they didn't have to baby-proof much for my older brother, but I was a complete different story. I would play anything or with anything that my brother would be willing to play with me. Our favorite was "School". He was the teacher and I would play as the student.
3. Because my parents and brother entered my zone of Proximal development and instructed and patiently coached me through the steps of learning to several things. I Began talking in complete sentence and extended my vocabulary somewhat because everyone around me did too so I was quick to pick up on it. They helped with all my school and homework as well. I soon became more independent and responsible to where as I could do my work by myself.
4. I don't really recall when I realized I was a girl. My parents always called me "baby girl" so I just assumed I was a girl.
5. If I got out of line, talked back to my parents, picked a fight with my brother, broke something that didn't belong to me, took something that didn't belong to me, etc. my parents would spank me for misbehaving. Usually with my daddys leather belt and no more than five or so "licks".
6. I played with my parents, brother, and cousins. I've always been a people person. I enjoyed playing with anyone that showed me attention. I loved to share unless it evolved my favorite toy.
7. I had pappy for a sort amount of time, but there was no problem to break the habit. On the other hand, I had a "blankie" that I was obsessed with and I carried it EVERYWHERE with me and I HAD to have it. One day when I was about two years old mom hid it from me and I never asked about it again. Stage 3: 2-6 1. I was very healthy throughout all of my childhood. My motor skills developed quickly while I was growing up. I was always very active and I never came inside until I absolutely had to. I also broke my right collar bone in second grade
2. Kindergarten through second grade I was easily distracted and very talkative during school. I was in trouble a lot to say the least. Although, third grade was a turning point for my habits in school. I began to pay attention and take things seriously. I became a good student. Yes, school was a very positive experience for me during this time. It taught me how to interact with others and responsibility. I enjoyed going to learn, of course, but also it was my time really getting to play and socialize with people other than my family.
3. I used information-processing in school when I was learning new words and how to read. I had to break up the words so I could sound them out. As well when I would remember to get out my folder and things from my book bag to return to my teacher and also replacing it.
4. I felt as if I was inferior to my cousins because of their athleticism and I always tried my best to better myself to be like them.
5. My friendships during these years were like any other typical kid at this age. We were best friends till the end one day, then the next we hated each other. Overall I was a friendly person and I loved having my best friend by my side on the play ground. I accepted my peers
6. My families influence had a big role in my development. I had numerous role models I looked up to within the family, which set good examples for me.
7. The main, few things that I remember from this time is how big of a tom boy I was. My love for softball was forming. By fifth grade I had already broken four bones: right and left wrist, right collar bone, and left thumb. All the camping trips with a lot of our close family members. And last but not least, all my attention as the youngest was stolen by Dakota, my big uh oh little brother. He was born when i was ten years old.
Stage 4: 6-11 years 1. I would say I began going through puberty my sixth grade year. I had my first menstruation cycle when I was eleven years old. However, after my first period, it was not until the year following when I had another. Puberty was sort of rough for me. I didn't handle all the changes well. I gained, easily, ten pounds and I was not too happy about the fact my breast were growing continuously. I was very uncomfortable, and unhappy because I thought something was wrong with me, but I was too stubborn and shy to talk to discuss the changes that were occurring with my body, with my mother. After we a small discussion in health one day, it was like a weight lifted off my chest. I then realized I was normal and every girl around me was going through the same thing. I then accepted it. The changes of life has now created me into the young lady I am today.
2. My experiences fit perfectly into Erikson's theory. I was struggling on who I wanted to be as an adult, but it never really worried me a lot because I assumed I was going through the phases of life and it would soon come to me.
3. Sadly, I would fall under the identity diffusion category of Marcia's theory because I am clueless as to what career I want to fulfill or what I want to do with my life.
4. When I was in eighth grade, I attended North Hall Middle School. One Friday night I went to a high school football game at the Brickyard, which is North Hall High School's home field,. The game was over and my mother was parked across the road waiting on me so I was looking for her and then I found her. She had driven the vehicle of hers that I hated the most. It was an early 80's model Chevrolet van, it was hideous. I pitched a fit because I was embarrassed and I thought someone would see me and then I would then become the laughing stock of the school. I cannot recall a time where personal fable took place in my adolescence, but I'm sure it has more than once.
5. My peer group had and still has a big influence on my development and who I've became to this day. I've always heard, "If you run with dogs, you get fleas." My translation to that is if you associate with bad people, you will acquire their faults. At one time of my life I was running with the wrong people, but I soon realized it and changed for the better. I now have wonderful Godly friends that have a positive influence on all I do.
6. In high school I experimented with drinking several times and smoking only twice. No interventions were taken because I was not an addict nor did it ever become a problem.
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