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8th Grade - The Four States of Matter

This Prezi presentation is on the four states of matter as outlined for the Georgia 8th grade CRCT for science and the Georgia 8th grade science standards.

Chinua Mosley

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of 8th Grade - The Four States of Matter

The Four States of Matter
Mr. Chinua Mosley
Fulton Leadership Academy
The notes that you need to write are in red
Write them all down
The examples are in purple.
You don't HAVE to write the examples, but you should write them if you need a little help understanding the concepts
Don't worry about writing anything in black.
A solid has a definite shape because it's particles don't slip past each other.
The particles of a solid are packed close together and are always vibrating
Because solids are packed close together, they are more dense than liquids and gasses.
Density - how much of something fits into a specific area.
This is an example of how solid particles move
A liquid doesn't have a definite shape because it's particles slip past each other.
Liquid particles are always touching each other.
Since liquids don't have a definite shape they take up the shape of their container.
This is an example of how liquid particles move
Gasses don’t have a definite shape.
Gas particles don’t normally touch and fly in straight lines until they bump into something.
When a gas bumps into something is bounces off and keeps moving.
Gasses take the shape of the container that holds them.
This is an example of how gas
particles move
Plasma doesn’t have a definite shape and only forms at high temperatures.
The atoms in plasma collide so hard that the electrons break free from the atoms and move wherever they want.
The light in neon signs, lightening, and the sun are examples of plasma.
This is a plasma ball that you can buy at the store
This is a video of a plasma forcefield melting metal.
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