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The Lady or the Tiger?

Ni'Asia Richardson-Gregg

Ni'Asia Richardson-Gregg

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of The Lady or the Tiger?

Let The Games Begin Many people came just to watch the game,I guess you could say the whole land was somewhat eccentric.It amused them to see someone either die or have a random wedding. It didnt matter if you were happily married with a family,You still had to marry the kings choice. The Princesses Decision The princess knew the choice was hers but what shall she choose? Should she let her lover marry a woman that she hates with a passion? Or shall she make him wait for her in another life? She made a quick glance in his direction he saw.She moved her arm in which door he should choose.He turned away back facing her, stood there proud and picked the door...Silence filled the arena it was as if the world had stood still. Her heard a loud ROAR!! and knew what was behind that other door.The princess sad as ever began to cry her father there in shock felt guilty and sly. The Lady or The Tiger? The Lovers The princess fell in love with one of her courtiers they were deeply in love but it had to be a secret.In her land it was forbidden to fall in love with someone in her status.The king found out and did not think twice about his decision. The King gave the servant the same choice as any other man,The games had began,There were people everywhere just to see this game.But the twist was the princess knew who and what was behind each door. Somehow someway she had figured it out even the the king had no idea what was behind which door.The Choice Was Simply Hers. What Shall She Choose? The Semi Barbaric King Long ago there was a eccentric king who instead of telling the people how bad their crime was he made them choose doors, If the door he picked had a lady behind it he was not guilty and if he picked the tiger,Well he was guilty and he would die. The Games Began With a Choice.
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