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Sharni Ross

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of TOPSHOP CSR

Topshop's Current Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies Criticism and Controversy The Ultimate Fashion Fix...Should It Be Fixed? Rosalie Molloy
Sharni Ross
Kathryn Pearce
Kayla Mantikos
Susan Krishna Conclusion Through its CSR programs, Nestlé has proactively addressed and resolved most of its reputational issues, becoming one of the world's most admired companies.

Life is good… but as any major corporation knows, it could be better.

Is the company really becoming more responsible or are its Creating Shared Value programs just a facade? Thank You! “Committed to delivering runway fashion to everyone on the street by expanding worldwide market. We’re on a mission to bring style to you, wherever you are” Mission Statement... Background... Vision Statement... “Improve the life of anyone that involved making and selling their product and reduce to minimize the amount of the environmental damage caused by their business” The Market... Recommendations... - considered to be the ultimate pioneer of high street fashion in London - established their brand in over 37 countries worldwide with approximately 440 stores and online operations - defines their brand focus as ‘Electric British Style’ Leading competitors include major retailers such as Sportsgirl and Zara along with online boutiques such as Boohoo and ASOS. Topshop targets the demographic of females aged between 15 and 30 years old (Ivy Lin, 2013), whom are fashion conscious, and who have the desire to be in looks straight off the runway, without the hefty price tag. “Our Fashion Footprint vision is to produce fashionable products in an ethical way and demonstrate a responsible attitude towards people and the environment” Redesign of the signature Topshop windows in Oxford St, London New collaboration with PETA “to fight against the slaughter of exotic animals for their fur and skin” "Keep wildlife out of your wardrobe!" How was this executed? Charities Centrepoint is a charitable organisation providing support and shelter for over 80,000 young homeless people Topshop worked closely with Centrepoint via the sale of the ‘NEWGEN’ T-shirts, which were created to mark the brands 10th anniversary In 2012, the girls from Topshop headquarters participated in a sponsored charity sleep-out to raise money and awareness for Centrepoint. How was this executed? Relationship with the youth Relationship with international markets - Fashion Footprint
- Centerpoint
- Teenage Cancer Trust
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