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Sales Coaching Challenge

No description

Paul McGhee

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Sales Coaching Challenge

You're on a sales call
and you show your logo
slide to get credibility
"Ah", your prospect says,
"What are you doing at Intel?"
To help your reps nail
this question, you capture
the rep who sold the account
telling the customer story
On video
And use a coaching system
where other reps can watch
that video and use their
web cams to practice the
story themselves

When they've got
it right, they press the
save button and send
it to their sales manager
for feedback
The sales manager watches
the reps Intel customer story
and records their feedback -
in audio or video
The rep gets a
message her feedback
is ready, she reviews
it and practices some
Problem: It is hard
to clone your top
reps. And they are doing
the lion share of your sales.
Cause 1: Many sales forces haven't
captured what the best
reps say and do in any
accessible way
Cause 2: Many sales teams
don't have a good way to role play or drill on selling situations
Effect: Ad-hoc,
non-scalable coaching
Solution: Video
Coaching System
Sales Coaching Situation
Sales Coaching Scenario
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