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New Heights High School

No description

Maria Ramos

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of New Heights High School

There will be core classes from 7am-2pm
(55 min each)
Passing periods would be
5 min
only 100 spots for each grade level
All meals will be provided
Breakfast: 6:00- 6:55
lunch: 10:00
Dinner: Anytime before 12:00 am
There will be free vending machines all over the campuses
Electronics would be limited by the teacher.
There will be uniforms
drug free zone
tardies must call in first
violence free
All students must behave in a respectful & responsible manner
New Heights High School
N.H.H.S is a boarding school
students would move from class to class
All the grades will be in separate buildings except for extracirrucular classes
All students will take regular tests, have monthly team projects, have to give speeches in front of audiences, and have individual presentations.
At the end of each semester there will be a large final to gauge how much the student learned.
The real world
The resort will also prepare the students with basic skills and business management techniques
Science: rosalind Franklin
English: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Math: Emmy Noether
Social Studies: Gandhi
music: Ryuichi Sakamoto
There will be no iss or oss
There will be detentions and one on one meetings for behavior
If a student abuses drugs then they will have a one on one meeting and rehab if necessary. if the student fails to stay away from drugs they will be expelled
1st offense: meeting
2nd: Detention, meeting
3rd: P.t.s meeting
4th: expelled
Extracurricular & Grad.:
the sports and clubs will be left to the student body
There will be a graduation ceremony for all grade levels
The school counselors will meet with each student to discuss potential colleges.
New Heights is a prestigious school created for students that excel in their work.The students have to have a particular interest in education
Isle a Quatre is a private island where the school will be built
If any student does less than proficient the student will have to stay for the summer
Funding will go directly to the school
The island will have a resort on it. All the students will work there when they are scheduled.
Art: Kit Harner
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