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No description

Jenny Schmitt

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Missouri

Hot summers
Cold winters
Usally 50degrees f
July 79degrees f
Missouri, Missouri what a wonderful state and if I go there,
I may see the Gateway Arch maybe even Lewis and Clark,
The Blue Bird is the state bird I think thats what I heard,
If I could live there I would, But I don't know if I should,
Missouri is my state and I liked studying it,
Hey, do i have a buddy in it?

The Blue bird is the state bird
Kansas City is the largest city
The state fish is the channel catfish
The state animal is the mule
Gateway arch: The official name is Jefferson National expansion
Busch Stadium: The baseball park opened on April 4, 2006
Missouri state Capital: It has bronze front doors
Harry S. Truman Birthplace: Harry Truman is the 33rd president of the U.S.A.
Jefferson City
iron ore
In 1904 ice cream was created in St. Louis
In 1804 Lewis and Clark set off for their adventure
In 1901 was first state fair
in 1673 the first Europeans set foot on Missouri
The Show me State
August 10, 1821 24th state
Important Dates
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