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The Penderwicks (Book project 3)

No description

Khaoula Bahij

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of The Penderwicks (Book project 3)

The Penderwicks Exposition- The main characters of this story are Rosalind Penderwick,
Skye Penderwick, Jane Penderwick, Batty Penderwick, and Jeffrey Tifton. This book takes place in a rented cottage on the beautiful estate Arundel. Rising Actions The rising action is when Skye meets Jeffrey and tells him bad stuff about this women named Mrs. Tifton then later
finds out that she is his mother. Inciting Incident Skye starts to hate Jeffrey. Her and her sisters
get invited by Jeffery's friend (churchie) to his birthday
party. Mrs. Tifton starts to despise the girls at the
party. Conflict Jeffrey finds out his mother is going to marry
a very mean man that Jeffrey has a very bad history
with. His name is Dexter and he will ship Jeffrey of to
military school when he marrys his mother.
Complications Skye starts to have feelings for Jeffrey. Jeffrey, Skye,
and Jane were playing soccer and then accidentally interrupted Mrs. Tfton in the middle of her completion, she loses. She becomes furious and tells Jeffery that he is not allowed to ever see
the Penderwicks again. Climax Jeffery's mom and step father leave town for a while
Skye decides to invite herself over to hang out with
Jeffery. His mom comes in early and finds them together
She kicks her out of the house, and the next day
Skye finds out that Jeffery's mother set an interview
for Jeffery at the military school. He decides to run away
and he stays at the Penderwicks cottage for the night.His mother come in looking for him and she found him. By: Khaoula Bahij Falling Action Jeffery explains to her how he doesn't want to go to military school. He tells her he wants to play the piano. His mother also relizes that the penderwicks arent that bad as she thought they were. Resolution!!!(: She lets him take piano lessons at the New England Music Conservatory. The penderwicks go back home but keep in touch with Jeffery. Everyone is happy(:!
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