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No description

erika steinger

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of u4l3

Shakespeare's Tragedy
Romeo and juliet
Justice in
Romeo and Juliet
Benvolio= Speaker for the Montagues (Romeo's family)
What is his argument?
What is his idea of justice in this situation?

Lady Capulet= Juliet's mom, speaking for Capulets
What is her argument?
What is her idea of justice in this situation?
Character Sketch
Do Now
Get your Springboard book, then copy down the EQ and the word of the day
Respond to the following scenario in your notebook.
Imagine that two of your classmates are fighting and they come to you to settle it for them. Classmate A was torturing classmate B by constantly making fun of him in front of everyone. Classmate B, as a result, beat up classmate A. Who is in the wrong?
Friday, March 6th
Romeo and Juliet:
Courtroom Drama


Defense Attorney:



Shakespeare's Tragedy
Justice: the quality of being fair and reasonable in the administration of the law

The Montagues and the Capulets are enemies
Biggie vs. Tupac
Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry
Kanye West vs. everyone else
Iggy Azalea vs. Azealia Banks
Romeo and Juliet
Tybalt (Capulet) Mercutio (friend of Montagues)
Tybalt (Capulet) Romeo (Montague)
Romeo (Montague)
During reading
*Consider each character's point of view in the situation leading up to the Prince's decree*
Description of a literary character
Characterization of a character in a specific scene
Emotions the character is feeling
Position/location in the room
Gestures or movements
If you were a juror, what would you decide?
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