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Expository Speech

No description

Laura Bernard

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of Expository Speech

Expository Teaching Presentation
Choose your topic
Choose a topic that interests you, but still requires some research to learn more.
Example Topics:
Brain & Memory
WWII Women
*Use the sample outlines and the graphic organizer to help you
Your goal answers the question:
What are you talking about and why?

Organizing your information and setting a goal will help refer you back to the topic when you get off topic.
Set a Goal!
Outlining is all about organizing your ideas.

The more organized your ideas, the more prepared you are, and the more prepared you are, the more confident you'll feel (I promise).
Outline Your Information
Structure Your Outline
Organization Patterns
If you're bored, then so is your audience.

Entertain your audience.

Find information that will hold your audience's attention and interest.

Hold their attention by respecting their attention spans.
Consider Your Audience
Ask Questions
Make them laugh; use humor
Relate to their interests
Establish your credibility; "Who are you and why should we listen to what you have to say?"
Start with a clever attention getter
Use your body to mirror your feelings
Change the tone of your voice to show emotions
Make Connections
End Strong!

The audience should feel enlightened and thoroughly satisfied that you informed them about a topic.

Your audience wants to learn from you.

Although you may include quotations as you summarize, close the speech by reinforcing your points with your own memorable words.

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