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No description

Ingrid Ych

on 12 December 2013

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Interesting find a murderer
Inspector Jenny Logan
*she had short brown hair.
*brown eyes.
*she wore a blue suit.
Sergeant Grant
*an officer helping inspector Logan.
*He wore an old blue jacket and some old black trousers.
Robert Kerr
*a man living at Royal Terrace.
*He was tall with dark brown hair.
Andrew Buchan
*He is a romantic and handsome doctor.
Sergeant McCoist
*He’s a police officer in Borth Berwick
*He’s a ten-year-old boy.
*she’s Tommy’s older sister.
Margaret Kerr
*The Robert Kerr´s Wife.
*She wears a white pullover and black skirt.
The story takes places as...
Edinburgh, Scotland
Jenny Logan’s first day in her new job as an inspector with the Edinburgh police.
Robert Kerr reports that his wife Margaret has been missing since the previous day
He tells Logan she left the house at lunchtime wearing a red coat with a brooch on the front.
Logan, with the assistance of middle-aged Sergeant Grant, takes down the details but, lacking evidence of a crime, cannot begin an investigation.
*she offers to have Margaret’s picture placed in the morning paper.
Logan suspects something is wrong.
Kerr insists all is well with their marriage
Tommy, comes into the station to see Logan. He has seen the photo of the missing woman in the morning paper and has come to tell Logan that he saw the woman on Sunday.
He tells Logan that she got into a blue car driven by a man. His description of Margaret exactly matches that of the husband except for one detail.

Tommy doesn’t mention a brooch on her coat.

Logan receives a call from Sergeant McCoist of the North Berwick police.
*Margaret Kerr’s body has been found about 40 km from Edinburgh. She has been killed by a blow to the head.
*McCoist arrives with Margaret’s personal effects, but no brooch has been found.
A mobile phone found in her bag reveals that her last call was to an Andrew Buchan.
Logan and Grant visit Kerr to inform him of his wife’s death.
Kerr says Andrew Buchan is a doctor who lives nearby, but says he doesn’t know the man personally.
Buchan and Margaret were lovers, but Margaret refused to leave her husband for Buchan, despite the fact she didn’t love him.
Buchan is taken to the police station for questioning
so it apparently makes Doctor Andrew guilty, but thanks Logan intelligence, as the famous phrase says...
Logan noticed that the husband hired a blue car, and put those letters on the brooch,
To M with love from Andrew
"he left the backfire"
Kerr finally confesses to murder.
It was very good although it was little volume of words. And there is a map, so more interesting for us!
Also, I found it a good thing to learn and become familiar with the grammar we have been learning during this cycle.
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