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Is Hip-Hop In General A Negative Influence Towards People?

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Jeremie Rosario

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Is Hip-Hop In General A Negative Influence Towards People?

Is Hip-Hop (In General) A Negative Influence Towards People?
Started in Bronx, NY (1970's)
Created from block parties in New York City.
Before the 1980's it only existed in the U.S and after the 19
How It Used To BE (POSITIVE):
Unification and Education
Social Awareness
Providing support
How It Is Now (Negative):
Promotes the accumulation of gaudy symbols of success and to get them fast.
Encompasses street codes of behavior and an overall defiance of social convention.
Hip-hop lyrics involve recurring themes of braggadocio.
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