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Who Helps the President?

No description

Sarah Boswell

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Who Helps the President?

Who Helps the President?

2000 Employees
The Cabinet
A group of presidential advisers that include the heads of the 15 top-level Executive Departments
Phase 1
Phase 2
The President
The President is the "root" of the Executive Branch BUT he cannot run the government (and perform his many roles) on his own!
He has many groups that help him run the government!
The Executive Office of the President
Prepare Reports, write bills, and oversee executive agencies
100 million dollar budget
Chief of Staff:
The most powerful Presidential adviser & Leader of the EOP
Head of the Department of Justice = Attorney General
All other department leaders (chairmen) are called secretaries
Department leaders (cabinet members) must be approved by the Senate
Cabinet members advice the president on issues related to their department
The Cabinet is NOT mentioned in the Constitution...it has been created over time
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