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No description

Evan Bechard

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Cancun

Cancun Getting there Where I plan to stay Things to do
Currency Exchange Food and places to eat Climate Safety Concers Cancun Palace Resort and Spa
. Detroit, to Cancun, Mexico Spirit Airlines
Departing Detroit: 7:06am
Arrival Cancun: 9:37 Departing Cancun: 10:30am
Arrival Detroit: 3:13am Price: $483 (U.S) Superior deluxe service, Cost: $2681(US) All Inculsive Suite Equiped with Jacuzzi, Balcony Ocean view, Two King beds, Wireless internet and 50" LCD Flat screen Tv Early Morning: 77.7F

Mid Afternoon: 90F

Late Night: 84F Precipitation: 2.5% Any arrest or accident in Mexico can result in a difficult legal or medical situation
automobile accidents, dirving conditions are not the same as in canada.
drowning in the ocean

1.00 CAD = 12.1103 MXN Beaches- Naturally, the Beaches are the biggest draw in Cancun with their soft, white sand and their warm, brilliant turquoise-blue water. Boats and Watersports- For fun in and on the water in boats, jet skis, fishing charters, party boats, or dinner cruises, you can't beat the Caribbean Sea Scubba and Snorkeling- Beautiful waters, and many fish and large coral reefs create large opertunities for scuba and snorkeling. You are able to eat for free on the all inclusive resort. Dine at 4 resturants on the resort Mexican, International, Oriental and Italian fares Snack and pool bars open 24/7
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