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About Me

No description

Carmen Hunter

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of About Me

About Me
By Carmen Hunter

Achievements !

IN 8th Grade I reached 990.8 AR points
I have been in Battle of the Books twice
I have played softball,soccer,basketball, ran cross country, tennis and some others.
I am now an A B Student, & I have made it into Early college !
Hello !
Here's some Info
I enjoy reading and sitting out on my porch while drinking some tea and listening to Music !!!
I'm kind of a small town girl & I'm not to fond of living in huge area's
Traveling !
Where Have I been????
* Washington DC
*SOuth Carolina
*West Virginia
And Alabama.
What's my Pride and Joy?
My 2015-2016 Battle of the Books team.
My Name is Carmen , and I am 14 years old.
I have 1 real sister,3 step sisters, and 2 half brothers.
Kaylee (11),Madison (9),Kadience(12),Mckenzie(8),Xander(5),and Logan (4).
1 stepmom,Stepdad, father and mother.
Some of my best Moments .
In The first picture
I was at the slating rink with my friends and in the one over the far right it was the last day of 8th grade. In the one below that I was at Carowinds with my siblings and bf. The one in the middle I was running for class president .

Any Questions? Ask me
Brief Summary
<--- I'll explain each one
Some things if you know me , You may not have known before !
* I am writing a book, With one of my good friends. It will hopefully be finished in a year or so ( Maybe ).
* I LOVE running !!!!!
* I am very bubbily / Socially awkward . ( If you have met me you know what i mean ).
* I am Team Mystic and that shall never ever change
* I play The Clarinet
I'm 14 and I have done so much in life . I'm very proud of that and I'm hoping to go way farther.

Goals? I'm wanting to be an 8th grade social studies teacher and want to Graduate from UNC Charlotte then live in Seattle washington.

Thank you for Listening !!! Byeeeee

And All pictures used are my own
of pictures
Some of my Favorite Books
City Of Bones : By Cassandra Clare. I love this book because it was the first of the mortal instrument series and I love the mortal instruments.

Cinder: By Merissa meyer: This was a battle of the books book and i fell in love with the whole entire series just by reading the first one !

The Underneath: by Kathie Applet : This book tells tons of stories and is so moving and peaceful. I hugely recommend it

Cracker! :By Cynthia Cadohata . THIS BOOK IS SO MOVING !!!!! I loved it from the start and it is about a dogs life in war and tells not just his story but others
Best Friends
This Is Brian and Daniel . 2 Of My Best Friends.
( I may or may not have begged them to wear bows and smile in this picture.....)
This is Me and Katlynn, We have been best friends for 2 years and met in intermediate school.
And Along with 3 others I met during school .
( Do not hate me for announcing names)
Ashlynn,Noah And Breanna. Whom sadly I do not have pictures of yet ..
These are people who brighten up my day every day ;) and i feel are here no matter what
Thatś brian --->
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