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The Compare and contrast of Freak the Mighty book and movie

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Sampson Droker

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of The Compare and contrast of Freak the Mighty book and movie

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Freak the Mighty Book and Movie Comparing and Contrasting Presitation
More Similarities
On Christmas Eve, Grim tells a funny story about how "poor they were".

In the book and in the movie Loretta says the quote, nothing is a drag kid.

In both movie and in the book, Max says the quote, "You float like a cloud, no you are the cloud."

A difference is that first chapters the book are different.

Another difference is that in the movie Blade and his gang sing the mean song, "Killer Kane, Killer Kane had a son who got no brain", on the bus, but in the book, the classmates sing that same song in the classroom.

Blade and his gang show up one time in the book, however he shows up two times in the movie.
More Differences
In the movie, Freak says that there is soap, vinegar, and chili peppers in his water gun, but in the book he states that there is soap, vinegar, and curry powder in his water gun.

In the movie, it skips Max’s daycare, and how he was kicker.

A Similarity is that the mechanical bird gets stuck in a tree. This is when they first meet.

When Max rescues Freak from Blade and his gang, Grim gives Max coffee because Grim believes that Max is a grown man.

The Conclusion
The movie lacked emotional feeling unlike the book, which made me tear up. I enjoyed the book more because it was more funny, and emotional. I would change the movie to be a little more emotional and to be more funny.

The movie was not as great as the movie. I enjoyed the book more. I would add a little more emotional feelings in the movie.
The Introduction
Who is Freak the Mighty? Freak the Mighty is the bond between Kevin (Freak) and Max. They care for each other, they are great friends, and they are powerful together.
Thank You For Listening
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