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Stratos Keynote: Sustainable Business Conference 2011 (uOttawa)

No description

Jane Porter

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Stratos Keynote: Sustainable Business Conference 2011 (uOttawa)

environmental movement 1960s sustainability hitting
the mainstream in the 2000s? a serious call for
corporate sustainability 80s Bhopal, India
chemical explosion
1984 international community
catches on in the 1990s or is it? born to be sustainable? skip ahead.... Sweatshops The integration of sustainability into business what does it look like in practice? making real impact is your product in danger?
Europe Moves to Recycle Rare Earths
(NYTimes Jan 27th 2011) E.g. Towards Sustainable Mining Communities of Interest Panel Story of
Sustainability Where are
we going? Michael van Aanhout
President, Stratos
1 Nicholas St. Ottawa, ON

www.stratos-sts.com transformational
sustainability Chernobyl, Ukraine nuclear disaster 1986 hurricane katrina,
new orleans 2005 urban sprawl e-waste in china international, student-led sustainable design conference corporate sustainability? fluff vs. stuff Sustainable Business Conference
Colloque sur le développement durable en affaires Michael van Aanhout
President global population exploding Thanks Where are
you going? career? skills? education? passion? Friday February 11 2011
University of Ottawa
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