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every thing I know about wolvs

Stephani Martin

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of wolf

the hunted food use of pelts people life of a wolf A wolf struggles
for its food. predator Some people like wolves.Like me my favorite animal is the wolf.I have favored the wolf ever scene I was little.I have studied wolves seance I was about 8or9 years of age. Wolves the hunter the wolf is
killed fore its fur/pelts.
the wolfs cumin food
Caribou and
old wild sheep". the wolf also
to raise
there young & The wolf has
to tend to its
young while fending
for it self the wolfs often
predator is an
eagle,falcon and
MAN. Wolves are very caring animals.They care fore
there pups like we care
fore ourfamily.Oftenwe
cum to close to there
pups and instinct takes
over to protect.When i hear wolf i think of kind,loving,protective, caring ,together,one. hi<3:) People often kill wolves because they
think there evil,deadly,cursed.....
They often kill wolves for livestock.
Or use there pelts fore a headdress
and or coats.A headdress is kind of
mask made fore special events. Did you know that wolves live in pacts up to 15 members wolf
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