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Christopher Columbus

No description

Alisha O'Neal

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus

The Second Voyage:
Columbus 3rd Voyage:
Where did Columbus explore and did he explore Genoa, Italy?
Columbus explored the Bahamas.
He did not explore his home town.

Thank you!
First Voyage:
August 3, 1492 he sailed from Pales, Spain to which he thought would be India. Columbus was sent there to explore, but he ended up in the Bahamas.

Did he discover the world was not flat, is it important to history?
Columbus did discover that the world was not flat when he sailed off to India and he had to go west because Africa was in the way.
Christopher Columbus
Fun facts:
The hips he took were called Santa Maria,Pinata,and the Nina.
Columbus was not planning on discovering that the earth was round and not flat.
The Maria was wreaked on one of his voyages.

In October the 1493 Columbus was to colonize a explore 17 ships in the Bahamas.
From Spain he sailed farther south from the Bahamas to try to find more things beacuse things were getting bad at home.
Columbus 4th Voyage:
Columbus went to the Bahamas in 1502 to reestablish his reputation but stuck the shore of Jamaica.
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