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Chris Petrilla

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Syria

Soil erosion
Water Pollution
Sandstorms/Dust Storms
Date of Independence: April 17, 1946
1946: Syria becomes independent.
1971: Hafez al-Assad elected President.
2011: Rebel uprisings begin.
Early History and Present Day Problems.
1967- Golan Heights
2012- Civil War
Historical Bonds
1980-Peace Treaty with Russia.
Syrian Independence from France.
Syrian relations with Israel worsen.
Photo Courtesy of Biography.com
Historical Leaders
Bashar-al-Assad, Civil War
Michel Aflaq- Ba'ath Party
1966- Salah Jadid
Government System
Republic under an authoritarian regime/ military dictatorship

Decisions include: war/peace, military, laws, and ministry.
Photo courtesy of Bet
President Bashar al-Assad
Vice President Najah al-Attar
Photo Courtesy of The Huffington Post
Photo Courtesy of the Guardian
Photo Courtesy of MidnightWatcher
Photo Courtesy of nnbd.com
Photo Courtesy of Virtual Tourist
Photo Courtesy of Maps of World
Photo Courtesy of World Atlas
Photo Courtesy of Flickr
Photo Courtesy of Flickr
Photo Courtesy of Flickr
Photo Courtesy of Crethi Plethi
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia
Advantage: Communication
Disadvantage: Limited use
Internet: 22.5%
Computers: 6%
Telephones: 19.2%
Cell phones: 58.2%
Electricity: 92.7%
Social Media: NA%
Alternative fuels/energy Sources: 1%
Generators: NA%
Government wants power
Syrian citizens given access to:
Speak to Tweet
Radio- Blackout
Photo Courtesy of Windows Phone
Growth of Technology
Recent Uses
Photo Courtesy of The Society Pages
Independence in 1946- Anarchy
1958-1961- Syria and Egypt join UAR
March 1963- Arab Socialist Resurrection (Ba'ath) Party take contol
1971- Hafez al-Assad approved president by popular vote.
2000- Bashar al-Assad succeeds Hafez
Government System History
Allies and Enemies
Iran: Iraq-Iran war, military cooperation agreement.
Russia: Close ties since Soviet era.
China: Bilateral trade.
Israel: Golan Heights, shares common enemy.
United States: Alliance with Israel.
Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi
Schools used for housing for displaced people
Civil war, favored religion over ruling minorities
Sunni Islam (74%), Christianity, other muslim, Judaism
86% literate
Education is a priority during war. Children go to secret schools.
Photo Courtesy of SupportIsrael
Weapons on Environment

Missiles from Russia
Take out farms/building
Harmful chemicals from chemical/biological weapons
Nuclear reactor with North Korea
Mostly Desert
Hot & Dry Summers (88 F)
Mild Rainy Winters (45 F)
300-500mm rain coastal: 200mm Damascus
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Death toll: 60,000
Kids wrote graffiti on walls criticizing govt.
Govt. bombs, artillery, air raids on protestors and rebels.
Protests and bombings from rebels
Civil War
Video courtesy of YouTube and The Telegraph
Limited access to resources
Government control
Very limited freedoms
Video courtesy of Youtube
socialist economy
Syrian Pound (SYP)
1 USD = 71 SYP , 1 EUR=96.11 SYP
GDP per capita: $5,100
14.9% unemployment
Economy 4th last in Middle East
Crude oil, cotton, livestock,veggies/fruits,
machinery,equipment, metal, live stock
Lack of money
photo courtesy of vertizontal:christian blog
photo courtesy of jewish symbols.com
photo courtesy of asian studies windows on asia
Video courtesy of CNN
Photo courtesy of CBS News
photo courtesy of symbol dictonary .com
Photo courtesy of YaleBooks
Photo Courtesy of Daily Times
Photo courtesy of Top News Law
photo courtesy of Springtime of Nations
Photo courtesy of IFAD
Photo courtesy of SodaHead
population: 22,530,746
population increasing every year by about .41%
poverty rate increasing 11.9%
Video courtesy of YouTube
video courtesy of youtube
Embroidery is very important tradition of syrian women
86%male 73.6%female
School life expectancy 11 years
photo courtesy of wordpress.com
27,360 people per square mile
photo courtesy of nationmaster.com
96% access to improved sanitation
94% urban clean water
80% rural clean water
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