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Game Design 2011 Final Presentation

Emily Zink

on 21 November 2011

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Transcript of Neglect

High Concept Newlyweds Gilbert and Charlotte have just inherited a beautiful mansion from their deceased matron, who once ran the orphanage in which they grew up together. Unbeknownst to them, their honeymoon is about to be cut short by lingering spirits that trap them inside the mansion, envious of their newfound happiness. The player alternately takes control of husband and wife to effectively solve puzzles or survive deadly traps, in order to free the specters from their worldly ties and escape the mansion. Genre Puzzle/
Action-Adventure Platform PC DVD-ROM Target Audience 13-18 Year-Old Females Concept Art Concept Art Art Style Charlotte Gilbert Achilles Mirror Portals Ghosts Mansion Romanticism Color Schemes -Expressive Poses- -Dark Shadows- -High Contrast-
-Vivid Colors- World US - New England Victorian Era - 1850s Abandoned Mansion
-2 stories
-East and West Wing
-Basement Mirror Portals
-Enter the Past Parallel/Linear Boundaries = Locked Doors
Puzzles Mansion Tour Setting Level Design Paper Prototype Goal of each puzzle: Reveal the Key Puzzle Rooms Gameplay Digital Prototype The Sims 3 Controls Simplistic yet Fun Anybody Can Play it
and Enjoy it Original Idea Two Protagonists Deep Themes Interesting Setting More Artistically Oriented Solve the Puzzle Rooms to Find Keys Use Items to Solve Puzzles Point and
Click Game Goals Uniqueness Ghost Side Quests Aid Ghosts with their unfinished business to help them move on Ex. ~ Lisbeth Dawes' Murder - Find clues in the past and present to find her killer Rewards:
-New Items
-Backstory Overlapping Storylines Receive Items from Friendly Ghosts and Exploring Use the keys to open the Boss Room Solve the Puzzle to free the Possessed Ghost "Unveil the Secrets Within"
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