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No description

Lyzabel Corpuz

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of Sacagawea

Family/personal life
School & Education
Sacagawea is born on May 1788. Around age 12 she got kidnapped by Hidatsa Indians. She was sold to a French-Canadian tapper named Toussaint.
Sacagawea mother and father are unknown but she one son named Jean Baqtiste Charbonneau. Sacagawea has a brother named Cameahwait.
Jean Baqtiste
Sacagawea did not go to school. But a woman in a tipi tought her.
One of Sacagawea's achievements is being an interpeter. An interpeter is a person who provides an oral translation between people who speak different languages.
Fun Facts
Sacagawea was born in Lemhi County, Idaho, United States during the late 1780's.
At the age 12 she got kidnapped with other young girls by the Hidatsa tribe.
Sacagawea is on the dollar coin also known as the golden coin.
Pop Quiz
1. Did Sacagawea get kidnapped?
(True or false)
2. How much did her coin cost?
3. When is Sacagawea born?
4. Did Sacagawea go to school?
(yes or no)

1. True
2. One dollar
3. May 1788
4. no
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