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Festina Lente | Penumbra

No description

Matthew Mahaffey

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Festina Lente | Penumbra

EN 513 | Utopia/Dystopia:
Literary Narrative of the 21st Century

Technology can enhance and improve, reduce and degrade, or manipulate and warp our subjective experience of the world.
Humans in different cultures and cultures in different times have different relationships with their technology.
Why have we seen a proliferation of dystopian narratives involving technology as source of conflict?

What is the difference between a 21st Century work of utopian literature and a 21st Century work of dystopian literature?

How can a Cultural Studies critical lens inform our interpretation of 21st Century narratives?

As an individual member studying in this learning community, how is my perspective on these themes and ideas evolving?

Cultural Studies


Technology as Narrative

Rising Action and Climax
Close Reading in Our Critical Framework
The Great


Narrative as Technology




Clark Moffat
Corvina's Warning
Deckle's Deal
page 229

News Technology

Obama Backs Net Neutrality, Asks FCC To Regulate Internet

November 10, 2014 4:30 PM ET
Joel Rose Twitter
p 25
p 50
p 75
p 125
p 100
The Amorphous Venn Diagram

Title your map: Based on this map, what is something new that you’ve learned about your the novel, the characters, or the course critical framework?

For example, you might have uncovered a non-obvious connection in the culture clash, or unexpected insight into technology, or you might have discovered something fundamental that Robin Sloan wants to communicate.
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