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William Shakespeare Unit

Unit on William Shakespeare's life, his works, and how the themes of his works connects to modern society.

Kate Nagy

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of William Shakespeare Unit

William Shakespeare VSOLs
12.3 The student will read and analyze the development of British literature and literature of other cultures.
c) Relate literary works and authors to major themes and issues of their eras.
12.6 The student will read and critique dramatic selections from a variety of authors.
b) Compare and contrast ways in which character, scene, dialogue, and staging contribute to the theme and dramatic effect.
d) Compare and contrast dramatic elements of plays from American, British, and other cultures.
Students will Know:
problems facing the society and culture of William Shakespeare's time
William Shakespeare's perosnl struggles
How the elements of a work connect the audience to the themes of the work.
the definition of theme
the definition of stage lessons
Students will understand that:
the society and culture surrounding an author influcneces his imaginiation and therefore his writing.
the elements of the work (i.e. character, scene, dialogue, and staging) connect the audience to the themes of the work. Students will be able to:
write an extension scene of Othello
make the connections between the audience and themes using the elements of the work.
create stage directions.
describe the culture and problems of Elizabethan England.
analyze themes for cultural relevancy
perform a scene from Othello
Evaluate how stage directs effect a play. Pre-knowlege and Pre-skills Pre-Assessments. Lesson #2 Lesson #1 Lesson #3 Lesson #4 Lesson #5 Anchoring Activities Summative Assessment
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