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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

No description

Flefell hahah

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Double click anywhere & add an idea PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental disorder that causes people to have a sudden recreation of memories that
are usually horrifying and can cause them to have panic attacks. PTSD usually occurs after a traumatizing
event, like the illness or death of a lived
one, an accident, or being shot at. People most affected by PTSD are soldiers. Many soldiers from the Vietnam war and Iraq are suffering from PTSD right now. They suffer from PTSD after being shot at, watching their comrades die, and experiencing near death themselves. PTSD occurs in the Medial prefrontal cortex
and the ventromedial cortex, all of which are located in the
prefrontal cortex. Doctors are not quite sure why PTSD occurs, but
treatment options are available. Many treatments
include seeking a therapist, retelling the traumatizing
event to others who also suffer from PTSD, and letting
time heal the wounds. People who suffer from PTSD experience
panic attacks when they see something that pertains to the event or accident that victimized them with PTSD. They are often startled by loud noises or bright lights. Occasionally they can become aggressive or violent when startled. Symptoms of PTSD are often
severe depression, bipolar-like
behavior, and thoughts of suicide
and withdrawal from social situations.
There have been documented events
where victims can snap and become
violent and aggressive. There is no current medication that
can solve or treat PTSD currently,
but many victims of PTSD do take
antidepressant pills. Many people with PTSD
resort to drinking or drugs
to ease their pain. However, over time, PTSD graudally gets better and the victim usually
has no more recurrences of the event after several years.
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