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Simple Present Tense of Verbs

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shaira granado

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Simple Present Tense of Verbs

Simple Present Tense of Verbs
= Meet My Family =
Dad works in our big farm,
Teaches farmers what to do.
So our plants come to no harm,
And what does Mom do?

Mom teaches young boys and girls,
Makes them read and write, too.
Even shows the girls how to fix their curls.
And what does sister do?

Sister studies hard in school,
Learns of babies old and new,
‘Cause a doctor she knows is cool;
And what do my brothers do?

My twin brothers play all day,
Build traps, slides and teepee.
Give us joy as they play,
They fill the family with glee.

Simple Present Tense
A verb in the simple present tense indicates a habitual action or a condition that regularly takes place in the present time.
When the subject is singular you just simply add -s or -es on the base form of the verb.
When the subject is plural, you just simply use the base form of the verb.
S Form
My brother feeds the dog.
Sally washes the dishes.
Dad checks the car.

Base Form
My brothers feed the dog.
Sally and Carol wash the dishes.
Dad and the mechanic check the car.

1. Visit http://interactivesites.weebly.com/
2. Then click on English Language Art.
3. Choose "Parts of Speech".
4. Click on "Verbs in Space" game.
5. Click the robot that has verb on their heads.
Whoever first 3 pupils that got the highest score will have additional 5 points in the quiz.
Choose the correct verb form.
1. The alarm clock (ring, rings) loudly each morning.
2. It (signals, signal) the start of our day.
3. Mom (rush, rushes) to the kitchen.
4. Dad (go, goes) to the bathroom.
5. My sister (makes, make) the beds.
6. My brothers (helps, help) Mom (cook, cooks) breakfast.
7. I (takes, take) a bath everyday.
8. My baby brother (cries, cry).
9. We all (pray, prays) before eating.
10. Our buses (comes, come) early.

In five sentences, write what you do to help at your home. Use simple present tense of verbs.
1. __________________________________________
2. __________________________________________
3. __________________________________________
4. __________________________________________
5. __________________________________________

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