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Wonder R.J. Palacio

No description

austin richard

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Wonder R.J. Palacio

R.J. Palacio

My prediction was that August would become well liked and he would make more friends.
I think my prediction was pretty acurate because he did become well liked and started to like school.
Falling Action
August becomes more popular than ever and everyone wants to be fiends with him.Then his enemy Julian becomes a loser and eventually leaves the school because he has no friends.
At school August makes a few friends but gets bullied a little bit by a kid named julian.Julian Puts the whole school agents August and his friend Jack Will.
Plot diagram
I think the tone is very sympathetic in a way because August is very upset and or sad most of the time because he gets looked at all the time because of his face and gets bullyed.But towards the end August seemed pretty happy and calm.
Figurative Language
Notion-an impulse or desire, esp. one of a whimsical kind. Syn.- Whim, Desire.
Aversion-a strong dislike or disinclination. Syn.- Distaste, Dislike.
Bionic-having artificial body parts, esp. electromechanical ones.
Croaks-(of a frog or crow) make a characteristic deep hoarse sound.
Gossip-casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.Syn.-whispers, canards.
-August is the main character in "Wonder" He has a birth defect and he is going to school for the first time as a 5th grader.
-Via is August sister and is going to high school and faces challenges with friends and family.
-Jack Will is Augusts friend and is struggling to eather be with the popular crowd or still be friends with August.
-Summer is a girl the is friends with August and other girls are surprised at the fact she is friends with him.
-Julian is the bully that puts the whole school agents August and Jack Will.
By Austin Richard
Major characters.
The theme of the book is that you should not to judge people by the way they look and if given good or bad pick good always.And be nice to people on their personality not their looks.
Simile -''I felt like I was under water until i got my hearing aids.''
Metaphor-''Its like Chewbaca going to school for the first time people would look.''
Onomatopoeia- ''I heard a loud pop and it sounded like firecrackers.''
Hyperbole-''Julian said that we sent secret agent after him.''
August is very hesitant about going to school and dislikes the idea.But his parents convince him to and he complies
Events that surprised me

-The people were so mean to august and said very ugly things about him.
-And the amount of people that participated in disliking August.
I think a symbol in Wonder is August dog is that the dog does not care about his face.
The book cover symbolizes that his face is a little different than what you might seem.
Rising Action
August goes on a field trip to a camp for aple days and he has loads of fun until a cople of older kids start to bully August and Jack tries to defend him but he is pushed away but then a cople of kids in his grade that used to bully August come to rescue him and they get into a fight and in the process August becomes friends with the other kids and soon August becomes friends with more people.
In the end August become more self confident with his face and gets his picture taken and ends up loveing school more than ever and has lots of friends
Major conflicts
August gets bullied by a kid named Julian and the whole school gets turned agents him and his friend jack will he struggles with it but in the end he pulls through by wining the school over.
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