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Discursive Teaching

No description

Jane Ward

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Discursive Teaching

Discursive Teaching
What is Discursive Teaching?
Discussion with students
Student involvement in the lesson
Collaboration between students
Opportunities to explore the content together
Provision for differentiation
Understanding individual student needs
Understanding the way students learn
When do you use Discursive Teaching Methods?
Why Discursive?
Student engagement
Opportunities for success
Provides a safe environment to explore topics
Deeper understanding of content
Ability to connect prior knowledge with content
Collaborative learning opportunities
The Discursive
Students are valued
Mutual respect between students and teacher
Safe environment to explore topics
Questions can be asked
Variety of teaching/learning techniques
Knowledge is valued
Challenges are set
Risks can be taken
Next Week ...
How will I include discursive methods?
What is Discursive Teaching
Jane Ward
Chairo Christian School
Victoria, Australia
The Teacher is the MAJOR in-school influence on student achievement
"If we, as teachers, are to have an
impact on learning, then we must
come to know what our students are
thinking so that we can provide more
feedback, task information, encourage
trial and error and develop deep
understanding and transformations"
John Hattie (1999)
How will I communicate with students?
How will I meet individual learning needs?
How will I challenge my students?
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