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No description

Janiesia Crockett

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of DXM/Oxycontin

DXM oxycontin Drug families for DXM Drug families for the drug
narcoties slang names for the drug oxycontin
OX,Oxy,oxycontton,hillbilly,nerion,oxies, cotton,OC's,pills slang names for the drug DXM
Candy,orange crush,skittles,syrup,Tussion ,velvet,vitamin D,poor mans o.c.p,read devil the dangers of using DXM ( causes of DXM)
blurred vision
slow breathing
change in emotion (excitement ,nervousness)
difficulty in urination
unsteady walking the dangers of Oxycontin(causes)
can lead to stomach problems
liver damage and death
can have long term affects
decreased testosterone level
and significant hearing loos medical uses for DXM
cough surprising ingredient in a verity of OTC drugs cold and cough medication DXM is abused and Oxycontin is abused
teens take it when they are not sick
take large doses Oxycontin is abused To get help for DXM
you could visit stop medication .org
and if you need perfesional help then you could call 1.800.662.HELP
or you could visit another site called drugfree.org to get help for oxycontin
you could get a detox
or you could go to rehab at walsmann institute in southern calliforna not fuuny don drug families for Oxycontin
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