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My project about a developing country

Waleed Jemal

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Afghanistan

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Population Characteristics: In Afghanistan there has been conflicts, criminality, insecurity and weak governance. The majority of Afghanistan is either very poor and have nothing to eat and barely have any money to support their families or in some cases very rich.The government is having a lot of trouble in extending laws to all parts of the country.Now that the Taliban is trying to take over the country the government is in desperately need of help.The United States military force have come to afghanistan in search of the Taliban.They plan to keep the people in Afghanistan safe by surrounding the public areas.The Taliban are an islamic extremist group. What they want is freedom.What they're doing is fighting for freedom and who ever is against them or who ever gets in their way they kill them.That's why the United States is here in Afghanistan to stop this nonsense and to put an end to this.The Taliban are recruiting more soldiers to their group.Afghanistan's living standards are among the lowest in the world. Government: Afghanistan The developing country In Afghanistan there has been conflicts with the U.S. and with the Russians.Their life style is severely terrible. The people are in need of shelter,access to clean water, food, electricity, jobs, education, and medical care. All that's left for them is to depend on foreign aid. Nowadays we donate money, old clothing, and other things that we don't use to charity. We need to keep that up or who knows what will happen to these people. Quality of life: About the country: Afghanistan is bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and China. Conclusion: The first thing I'll do to help the country is by changing governments because like I said he is having allot of trouble in making laws .
My way of solving Afghanistan's problems is by teaching them how to make things that we use allot today.The people of Afghanistan should know the modern life but what I'm saying is that they should know how to make it and make use of things like tech.My way of helping the people of Afghanistan is by teaching and giving them our knowledge.If we think about there quality of life style its horrible.Once we teach them they won't need our help in the future because they will be able to teach their students and young ones. Schooling in Afghanistan averages to 3.3 years and the literacy rate is 43.1.These people know what we do today but don't know how to make it.We use technology every single day and most of them don't. Its not just tech it could be building houses,how to use and find electricity,finding clean water and especially education.That's why we should teach them how to use and make these things so they can live like everyone else nowadays. Afghans learn skills for life (video): This is a YouTube video that has to do with my conclusion. Many things are happening in Afghanistan today.but its not just Afghanistan though its all over the world and they need our help as well.I hope you learned something new and will always remember to think about others not just yourself. THE END Taliban: Population pyramid: Thanks for listening: -Health is 48.7
-The birth rate is 39.3 people
-The death rate is 14.59 people
-The natural increase is 24.71
-The infant mortality rate is 136
-The literacy rate is 43.1
-Life expectancy is 47.3 years
-Fertility rate is 6.62
-Population is about 30 million people
-Population density is 43.2
-The UN's ranking is 172nd
-The annual per capita income is $1,000
-The G.D.P. is 22.5
-The unemployment rate 40%
-The poverty rate 36%
-The energy consumption is 0.23
-42nd most populous country in the world
-41st largest nation in the world
-Seats held by women in national parliament is 27.2
-Schooling is 3.3 years
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