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Module 7Writing a Sports Profile

No description

Jessica Nordberg

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Module 7Writing a Sports Profile

Writing a Profile Writing a Sports Profile Prominence: Novelty: The GOAL Method This presentation will explore writing a
sports profile story about a person. Emotions: Will this profile make readers feel happy, sad, or angry?
As a journalist, a story will always be more relevant and effective if it
makes the reader feel emotion. Profile Does Not = Biography Biographies are an account of a person's life
A profile has a more limited focus and includes
biographical information to aid in a story Profile Stories - Introduced Feature stories on a person
The person can an ordinary person or a more
well-known or notable person
For example: actors, musicians, athletes
or entertainers If a public or well-known figure is included, people
are bound to be more interested in the story. Make sure there is something truly newsworthy
or special about the profile person.
Consider what is so significant about this person?
Has he/she gone above and beyond the average
person in the sports world? Has he/she won an
This person needs to truly stand out in one way
or another. One method that will help you write an effective profile is the GOAL method of interviewing:
Logistics photo courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net
"Soccer Ball on Field with Light" by Sira Anamwong Photo courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net Tools to Use for Creating Your Profile: Prominence
Emotions Impact: Does the story impact the lives of the reader?
The more it relates to the reader, the bigger the story will be. Timeliness: Make sure the story has just happened or is about to happen, otherwise, it won't be important to your readers. Conflict: Reporters and readers love drama
Is there a rivalry between athletes?
Two famous family members battling against each other (the Manning
Politicians going head to head? Photo courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net Photo courtesy of: free digitalphotos.net Goal: Ask the profile person: What were your original goals? What are your future goals? Obstacles: What obstacles did you face when accomplishing your goals? What new problems are you faced with? Achievements: How have your achievements affected your life? What positives and negatives have resulted from these achievements? Logistics: What details of your life (who, what, where, when, how) led to your current situation?
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