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Copy of Oxy-Acetylene Process Safety and Set Up Presentation

Safety involving oxy-acetylene

robert donaldson

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Oxy-Acetylene Process Safety and Set Up Presentation


Acetylene hose gauges should not exceed over 15 psi

Acetylene tanks should ALWAYS be in the
upright position

Pure oxygen accelerates combustion!

Keep area clear from oil and grease!
Have control! Take it slow and easy when walking a tank over
Never move a cylinder without a Safety Cap!
All cyclinders should be in the UPPRIGHT position
youtube clip:
Get ta' Movin'!
When Relocating the Cylinders...
ONLY use a friction striker!

Light the torch at a 45 degree angle away from yourself!

Keep the torch tip away from yourself
& others!
Understand and appreciate the safety precautions involved with an oxyacetylene outfit
Identify parts and function of an oxyacetylene outfit
Demonstrate how to safely move fuel cylinders from one area to another
Demonstrate how to change out and replace a cylinder tank
Demonstrate how to safely light a torch and adjust it to a neutral flame
A type of Oxy Fuel Process

Uses Acetylene as the fuel gas

Temperatures up to 5600
degrees F
Cylinders &
Cylinder Valves
What is it?

Uses HEAT produced by a gas flame to cut and join metals
The Oxy Outfit
Oxy Acetylene!
The equipment needed to preform
cutting operations
Cutting Torch
Gas Hoses
& Fittings
Green: Oxygen
Red: Acetylene
Right-Hand Threads: Oxygen
Left-Hand Threads: Acetylene
Acetylene Hose
Pressure Gauge

Acetylene Cylinder
Pressure Gauge

adjusting screw
Oxygen Hose
Pressure Gauge

Oxygen Cylinder
Pressure Gauge

adjusting screw
Pressure Gauges
& Regulators
Caps, Cart, and Chains!
Cutting Lever
Oxygen Torch Valve Acetylene Torch Valve
What Makes Up an
Oxy Acetylene Outfit?
for Oxygen
for Acetylene
This is an
Oxy Acetylene
Familiarize Yourself!
Stand off to the side of the equipment when opening!
Always store upright!

Secure a Safety Cap
when moving!

Keep chained
at all times!
Back out the regulator to DEPRESSURIZE the hose
Tighten down the regulator to PRESSURIZE the hose

BACK OUT the regulator BEFORE turning on the cylinder valves!
Slowly open the actylene
valve no more than
a 1/4 TURN!
Slowly open the oxygen valve ALL THE WAY
Flame On!
Before We Head Out...
Protect Yourself!
Oxy Fuel Processes:
Loosen it Up!
Read the Labels!
Toxic & Combustible!
turning the regulator
Any Questions?

This is What's Next...
Please sign the front of your worksheet and flip it over to the back
Let's head over to SHOP 6
I will demonstrate how to disconnect, move, and replace a gas cylinder
Let's Play Ball!
Students' Names
The 3rd basemens

The 1st basemens

The 2nd basemens

The Catchers

Mrs. Martin
The Pitcher
I will demonstrate how to light a torch
and adjust it to a neutral flame!

That will be
our day!

Let's Head
Over to
Shop 6!

Oxy Acetylene is a simple, low cost,
and portable system that is used in
many agricultural applications including:
brazing, heating metal for tempering,
forming, bending,
cutting ferrous metals, etc.
By: Mckenna Martin
Courtesy of: Lauren Fontes
Courtesy of: Lauren Fontes
Courtesy of: northerntool.com; proactivegassafety.com
Courtesy of: popsci.com
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