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Presentation Management

No description

Macy Rice

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Presentation Management

My mission is to create a healthier, more effective working environment in order to generate better employees and further economic growth.
Presentation Management
Macy Rice - NHS
Outcome-Based Incentive
Rewards tied to health metrics; ideal cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI levels.
Benefits of Wellness Programs
28% reduction in sick days
26% reduction in health costs
30% reduction in worker's compensation
$5.93 to 1 savings-to-cost ratio
Tobacco Use and Obesity
Adopting no-tobacco policies
Offering cash-incentives
Reimbursing workers for gym memberships
Providing free health coaching
Offering insurance-premium discounts
Paying Attention To Safety Issues
Avoid legal penalties
Raise worker morale
Increase productivity
Improve retention
Bethel College health incentives
no tobacco/drug policies
reimbursement of gym memberships
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