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Presentation about me myself and I

Rayna Stoyanova

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of RS1

About me....
Reny 22 years old I love playing tennis ESTIEM Experience Student Guide Experience LG Sofia Student Guide 2. Fulfilling the Database the Notebook 1. Involving more people Personal Networking People already contributed to the project People willing to work for Central ESTIEM How will I involve more people? Wikipage -Finishing as many LGs wikipages as possible Proofreading team Uploading the information to the portal Data Team
- using the information
- updating the information Europe3D Belgrade
Council Meeting Grenoble
Vision "Communication with Customers" Istanbul ITU
Council Meeting Zurich

LG Sofia Board 2009
TIMES SF Sofia PL 2010 November 2009- April 2010 Database Task Group Leader Thank you
for your
attention :) Hello Everybody!

My name is Rayna Stoyanova
and I am applying for
Student Guide Project Leader Goals Why do I apply for the Student Guide
Project Leader? The only Project that involves all the LGs
It can be useful for the students even beyond ESTIEM
I am constantly learning new things
I have the possibility to work with many people on European level
The Project has a lot of potential and the best of it is still ahead
I am already involved in it and I cannot get enough of it

& 4. Student Guide Promotion 3. Cooperation with committees Proud owner of a tomcat and a dog.
Jully 2008-December 2009
PBM- Data Administrator and Data Analysist

KMC CoM in Sofia 2008- organizer Working Experience Wikipage
-Finishing as many LGs as possible
-Adding new ones
-Uploading the articles to the portal
-Updating and improving the information
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