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The Will of a Woman

The Journey of reclaiming your "Will"

Pamela Bass

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Will of a Woman

The Journey Begins The Will of A Woman Your Birth and the Energy Surrounding you.... From Spirit to Flesh you arrived
with Energy and influences surrounding You were cared for or not How you were perceived was an energy projection
Wanted or unwanted
Adored or tolerated
Placed or Misplaced Toddler Years Stop/ Go
Girls Do or Don't..... Adolecents Feelings of distinction
I like
I dont like
perhaps sexual PreTeen Hormones
What people think
What I think
Growing into a young Lady TEEN/ Young Adult Hormones
Think Parents Don't Understand
External Expectations
Internal Expectations
Im trying to be a good girl but.....
SEX Adult Mid 20's
70's plus Return to Spirit Looking at the Journey with pride
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