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MED560 Culminating Project Articulation

Horizontal and Vertical articulation possibiilities of plan

Jeff Stoker

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of MED560 Culminating Project Articulation

Vertical articulation - learning and experiences that will follow:
1) Learning to make wise personal financial decisions as a consumer and saver
2) Developing personal convictions on economic policies that government should follow
3) Using such convictions in making responsible voting decisions as a citizen
4) For some students, continuing their economics learning as Economics, Business and other related majors Previously Acquired Economic Knowledge (primarily from previous social studies courses)
1) Economic resources (in the world and individually) are limited (scarce)
2) People have choices between consuming goods
and services today and saving for the future
3) Basic differences between a market (capitalist) and command (government controlled) economy
4) Voluntary exchange of goods and services among people makes everyone better off
5) Specialization and division of labor increasesproduction
6) Banks (and other financial institutions) are places where some people save money and other people borrow money
7) Prices are determined by buying and selling decisions made by buyers and sellers
AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
Vertical and Horizontal Articulation Learnings and Experiences that will follow (after AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics class) 8) Interest in paid by borrowers of money and earned by lenders using an interest rate
9) People can earn income by working for a company in exchange for a wage or salary
10) Economic growth generally raises the standard of living of a country's population
11) Government provides some goods and services for its population)
12) People in one country can buy or sell goods and services to people from other countries (imports and exports, respectively)
13) Two economic problems that countries experience are unemployment and inflation
Note: These items are paraphrases of several Economics benchmarks for the 8th grade according to the following:
Council for Economic Education. (2012). Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics, 2nd ed. Retrieved from http://www.councilforeconed.org/resource/voluntary-national-content-standards-in-economics/ Previously Acquired Skills:
1) Ability to read and interpret graphs
2) Ability to read and interpret tables with numerical information
3) Ability to solve simple algebraic equations
4) Reading and writing competency
5) Computer skills including word processing, use of spreadsheets and preparation of power p;oint presentations
6) Ability to do internet research including selecting appropriate sources
7) Ability to give an oral presentation Horizontal articulation: Connectedness with other learning and activities occurring simultaneously across grade level

1) Content in AP Economics will overlap slightly with content in U.S. History, in particular information about the Federal Reserve System and government response to economic problems in the 20th century including Keynesian fiscal policy beginning in the 1930s to deal with a recession. I have on occasion had a student take both courses simultaneously
2) Research papers are written for some other classes that involves similar learnings and skills such as research, writing and properly citing sources
3) Students are developing their oral presentation skills along with a power point in several classes
4) Students taking AP Economics in their senior year will cover some of the same personal finance issues (such as opening a bank account and personal budgeting) in their senior class meetings.
5) Students taking other AP Exams will work on similar test taking skills in other classessuch as how to succeed on AP style multiple choice questions
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