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The Back Story

No description

Desiree Skeete

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of The Back Story

Baby Kelsey and Baby Jasmine
but then...life happened...
Kelsey's parent's marriage began to become rocky as she got used to coming home to more and more fighting
Jasmine faced unfourtunate trauma when her family sufferd a car accident where she lost both her parents...
Grades began to slip, as they both looked for ways to cope
We'd all like to think we are compassionate and empathetic...

But is this only when we feel other people are watching and judging?

Why do we care what our class 'equals' think but don't care what the aparently lesser class people let alone how they feel about us?

Kelsey and Jasmine were both raised into structurally sound homes with emotional support systems,
going on to do well in school striving for their personal best with the ideals of the American Dream quietly enforced
After a while teachers tried to intervene, both girls being mandated to go to counseling
The Back Story

We're all humans
Although facing devastating trauma, therapy still holds heavy connotations within the Black community, making it an added struggle for Jasmine to seak help there.
With a dwindling support system, she lost sight of the American Dream she was raised to believe was there and dropped out of school.
After a while, her friemds didn't know how to help as she started isolating herself more and more altering her lifeworld and embodimant.
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