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Intestinal Epithelial-Omar and Skylar

No description

BigO Fa

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Intestinal Epithelial-Omar and Skylar

Odd Structure
1. It can have a square structure depending on where it is found in the body.
2. It can have a cube structure
3. It can have a column-like structure
Fun Facts
Function Of the Cell
1. Boundary and protection
a. Inner and outer lines of body cavities
b. Protects tissue
c. Has Layers
2. Aids transportation of filtered material through the use of transport systems
3. Absorbs filtered such as glucose and puts it in the blood supply
4. Creates fluids for processes, such as digestion, protection, excretion, reproduction and metabolic processes

Missing/Pronounced Organelles
1. Has special cilia hairs
2. Has gap junctions
3. Has extra fibrous basement membrane
Reason For Pronounced/Missing Organelles
1. The cilia hairs push mucus and other particles in a certain direction

2. The gap junctions allow the exchange of nutrients

3. The extra cellular fibrous basement membrane are there because the cells have no intracellular spaces and are separated by the extra membrane
Square Structure
Column Structure
2. Sensory
a. Helps body with senses such as

Mainly in the digestive systems, but they can be found everywhere.
Line many organs, such as the colon, small intestine, and stomach.
1. Taste
2. Sight
3. Smell
3. Movement
a.cilia aid structures passing by
-the cilia "sweep" it on through the passageway
-cilia also keep harmful debree away from the lungs
1. The Epithelial Cell Covers Most of the inside of your body

2. Besides the digestive system, it is in our eyes, ears, mouth, jaw, hands, and reproductive organs

3. Our bones are made up of the Epithelial cell
Cube Structure
Cilliated Column Structure
Gap Junctions
Help Epithelial Cells Communicate
Nutrients to be
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