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Evaluation Question 4

No description

Usman Shabaz

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 4

Evaluation Question 4 - Who would be the audience for your media product ? In this mood board you can see gangs and violence, this refer to prisoners in jail and gangsters on streets. This shows that even people who are refered to as criminals can indulge themselves as well as relate to the film. Some people say that more senior citizen are into the old 70's movies but I disagree. I feel that with age people try to enjoy life more changing there taste of music, food aswell as movies. There is an age restriction. 16 and over. This is done because of all the blood and violence. On the bottom 7 pictures of the mood board it shows all the different races, cultural backgrounds, the poor and the rich, the ones who have a full time job and the ones who are unemployed aswell. This refers to that The Betrayal 1989 isnt just a one culturual film but people from all shapes, size, race and social status can enjoy it, without being insulted in any racial way. In the mood board there is a picture of a Gothic audience. This refers to that no matter what social group you belong to you will still be able to relate to the film as there will not be any offensive language used to offend any social groups. Introduction Even though our actual target audience are based between the ages of 16-30, we still feel that this film could relate to people from all ages above 16, culture's, status and race. Audience theory Audience theory is an element of thinking and how our brain consumes all that information, there are many effect and theories describing this such as:
1. The hypodermic needle model - The intended message is directly recieved and accepted by the reciever.
2. Two-step flow - The people with the most access to media, have the highest media literacy who understand and explain the content to the others.
3. Uses and gratification - People arent helpless victims of mass media, but use the media to get specific gratification.
4. Obstinate audience theory - The theory assumes that there is a transactional communiction between the audience and the media. The audience selectively decides what pieces of information to pay attention to. The Zimmerman-Bauer study found that the audience in some cases also participates in the communication by being influenced by the message. Audience Research through questionaires We carried out audience research through questionaires in order to get a more clearer view of what the audience think of a thriller as well as to see what they look forward to see in thriller. Stat's say that:
9 out of 20 preferred to see blood
12 out of 20 preferred said tension makes a good thriller film
7 out of 20 preferred to see thriller film rather then other genre's
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