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A British Merchant Living In Quenbec

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devyn chiap

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of A British Merchant Living In Quenbec

Who were the British Merchants?
Where did the merchant ships go?
When did things start to change?
What changed about the selling for the Merchants?
By: Devyn Chiappino
A British Merchant Living In Quebec
Why did the taxes have to go up on the merchants products?
How did the Sugar Act affect the merchants?
There wasn't much British merchants living in Quebec at that time (1776-1783). But the merchants that were there were rather in a company or just but their selves involved in trade or selling.
During the war many merchants signed non-importation agreements to force Britain into cancelling its new regulations. After the war, there was a depression where there was money problems and high taxes so people could not buy anything from the merchants.
The merchants had to start applying taxes
to their goods. Their prices were raised and
they were afraid that other people would
out price them and they would lose
Britain spent a huge amount of money
fighting in the Revolutionary War. They
spent so much money that they had to
pay nearly ten million pounds just in
interest. This made Britain decide that
taxes had to go up in order to pay the
The ships were attacked by British
enemies and thousands of merchant
ships were captured. This affected the imports and exports of the merchants
Things started changing during the Revolutionary
War. Ships were captured, money was spent, and
taxes were raised. People were killed. Also rules were changed, like the English civil law replaced the French civil law, which was good for the English british merchants living in Quebec.
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