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Welcome To Presentation

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Arif Aryan

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Welcome To Presentation

Welcome To Presentation
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Group: 2
Mohammad Arif---------0921370
Tazia Tasnim------------0921437
Kazi Arifa Sultana------0921010
MD. Tanvir jahan-------0810284
Shafayat Zaman--------0921004
Consumer Buying Behavior Analysis & Competitors Evaluation of
In Terms of
Organizational Structure of Pran Group
Company Name:
Pran RFL Group
No. of Employees:
Above 40000 People
Major General (Ret) Amzad Khan Chowdhry
Annual Sales Range:
Revenue. $ 300 million US dollar
Year Established:
Products of Pran
Jam & Jelly
Rice Products
Sauce and Ketchup
PRAN Candy, etc.

Real Story of Pran Mango Juice
Legal issues are followed by PRAN
Labors employment law:
According to our survey, we found that PRAN-RFL group all ways tries to follow the Labor Act, 2006
CSR activities of PRAN
Promises to the Environment
Promises to the Energy Preservation
Promises to the People
Promises to the community
Purpose of the study
To understand how PRAN become stable in the competitive market considering promotional activity ‘WORD OF MOUTH
To understand the Consumer’s buying behavior about PRAN juice rather than other brands.
Statement of the Problem
Ho. In-group identity or word of mouth is not working for Pran mango juice.
H1: In-group identity or word of mouth is Working for Pran mango juice.
Research Design
A self-administered and
Indicative survey
Which Factors actually Influence customer Buying Behavior
Brand Image
Innovative Products
Word of Mouth
Sample Size
Random Sampling
20 Consumers
5 point Likert scale
Data Collection
Personal Interview
Web sites (Secondary)
Findings of the study
Factors that’s influencing buying behavior
Product Availability
Cost advantage
Rating of Pran mango juice compare to other juice
How customer know about PRAN Mango Juice
Why do customer prefer PRAN Mango Juice than other similar juice available in market?
Market share of the Pran
• Availability makes the product more popular and a big reason of word of mouth. They’re supposed to be brand image and product quality.

• Pran has verities of product to reach all segments of the consumers, so word of mouth should create by the brand name and proper pricing.

• Marketing, attractive packaging, and pricing takes more place into word of mouth but until a brand image into consumers mind will not serve the proper purpose.

Celebrity Endorsement.

Findings of the study
Visiting pran factory indirectly influence buyer to buy the pran’s product:
A strategy should be maintained to keep price in level.
It should add new models and flanker products (i.e. products of different sizes, flavors, and so forth that protect the main product).
Recommendation (Cont.)
New segment should be added with the existing market. New segment should be for middle older and older people.
It should improve product quality and adds new product features and improve styling.
Thank you
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