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Community Mapping Presentation

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Yvette Breece

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Community Mapping Presentation

Community Mapping Presentation
By: Yvette Breece

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Denver Library
This is the Hadley Public Library off of Jewell Ave and Federal in Denver. This library offers a lot of resources for adults and students living in this community. During the week people from the community are welcome to attend plazas. These drop in plazas allow students and adults to practice computer skills, improve communication in English as well as get study help with taking the GED or getting homework help.

The community up close
Overall, this has been a journey looking through the lenses of the Denver community. I think it is important as teachers to look at students backgrounds and cultures and see what their neighborhoods are like, what resources are offered to students and their families, and what their living situation is like. Once we know more about their journey, it will better determine how we can help them succeed.
Community and School come together
Brochures and Community information
Here is a few up coming events that
will be taking place at the library for kids!
When people talk about Federal Blvd, people seem
to think about gangs, graffiti, and run down homes and business. I used to think the same, but there are only some areas that need some improvement.
This picture is just past Sheridan heading east on Florida to Federal.
Here is a store that shut down and has been boarded up. Located on Federal and Jewell.
Community Continued....
Community Continued....
Here is an example of homes in the community. This picture shows that not all homes in this location are run down. These homes are also located between Federal and Sheridan between Florida and Jewell. What I thought was important is that each home in the Denver area has the option to recycle. According to the City and County of Denver website, "the city of Denver collects over 256,000 tons of trash at Denver homes each year. That is an average of 1.6 tons per household a year. Denver uses an integrated collection strategy to recycle or dispose of waste in an efficient and cost effective manner" (2013, pg.1). This community has made it a priority to keep the city of Denver waste free by sorting trash from recyclables.

RTD bus is a very important part of transportation down Federal. In this area RTD is used mostly by students to get to and from school because most families in this area do not have cars. The most popular
drop off and pick up is around Abraham
Lincoln High School heading south on
Federal Blvd, just past Evans.
The Brentwood church is a very popular in this neighborhood. This church provides 3 different services in 3 different languages. Spanish, Vietnamese, and English. On the first Tuesday of the month, the church offers a free dinner to the community to attract new members from all backgrounds and cultures. (location: Jewell and S. Irving Street)
Here is a picture of the local park just down the street from Johnson Elementary. After school students like to come down and hang out in this area. This park is busy with community members walking their dogs and bring children to the play ground.
As I was driving down Florida heading east from Sheridan I noticed some different stores that some of the community frequently shop at. Also I came across a food truck, which are constantly parked down Federal selling delicious mexican food, such as green chilies, tamales, and tacos.
Here is Anna Louise Johnson Elementary School located off of S. Irving st. and Jewell Ave. 97% of students receive free and reduced lunch at this school. 399 students enrolled at Johnson are Hispanic, 23 are White, 8 African American, 12 Asian/ Pacific Islander, 2 American Indian.

I saw a neighbor that lives across the street from the school. Her name is Ruth. I asked her, "what time do the students got out from school ?"

She stated, "around 3 o' clock".

It was getting close to 4 and there were still students running around playing on the playground.

Ruth said that students stick around after school and wait until 5 for the family dinner program. Students and their family members can come back to the school and have dinner. It ensures that families get a meal before going home. Ruth did not know much about the program, but she says the school is very active in the community.

The garden at Johnson Elementary helps bring in community involvement. On Johnson Elementary website says, "The garden is used by both the community members and the school. Children will utilize the garden to enhance their science and wellness learning, while adults in the community can grow their own flowers, fruits, and vegetables to take home" (2014, pg 1).
Here are some brochures and information I found at the Hadley Library. From looking at these photos there are plenty of help and options available to both students and adults.
"Trash and Recycling." Trash Collection. City County of Denver, 2013. Web. 02 Feb. 2014.
"Community Garden." Johnson Elementary. Denver Public Schools, 2014. Web. 02 Feb. 2014.

"School Details." Denver Public Schools. N.p., 2013. Web. 02 Feb. 2014.
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