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Arkansas and wisconsin

No description

Kierston Melloch

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Arkansas and wisconsin

Addmitance to the Union:
Wisconsin: May 29, 1848
Arkansas: June 15, 1836
State Animal
Wisconsin: The Badger
Arkansas: White-Tailed Deer
Population and Population Density
Wisconsin: 5.758 million people and 105 people per square mile
Arkansas: 2.966 million people and 51.3 people per square mile
Wisconsin: Madison
Arkansas: Little Rock
State Nickname
Wisconsin: Badger State, Dairyland State
Arkansas: The Natural State, The Land of Opportunity
Arkansas and wisconsin
Congressional Representatives
Wisconsin: 2 Senators and 8 Representatives
Arkansas: 2 Senators and 4 Representatives
Number of Electoral Votes
Wisconsin: 10
Arkansas: 6
Age of Consent
Wisconsin: 18
Arkansas: 16
Marriage Age (With and w/o Consent)
Wisconsin: With-16 or 17,
w/o- 18
Arkansas: With- Males- 17 Females- 16 to 17
w/o- 18
Average Income
Wisconsin: $66,432
Arkansas: $40,531
Marijuana Laws
Wisconsin: Not Legal
Arkansas: Not Legal
Unemployment Rate
Wisconsin: 4.4%
Arkansas: 5.7%
3 Odd Laws in Wisconsin

3 Odd Laws in Arkansas
1. A law states that if you are a teacher and bob your hair, (A type of haircut) you will not get a pay raise.
2. A man can legally beat his wife but no more then once a month.
3. Flirting between a man and woman on the streets of Little Rock can result in a 30 day jail term.
1. Margarine was once illegal in Wisconsin
2. The Government may not prohibit manual flush urinals.
3. Missiles may not be shot at parade participants.
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