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business marketing plan

No description

joshua ragoo

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of business marketing plan

Done BY : Joshua Ragoo and
Germán Fernandez.

Self Propelled surfboard (jetboard) by Aquaspexs
photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Grade 9 Course Code: BBI10 Teacher P. Ragbeer
It is a new self propelled

Mission- Our goal in Aquaspex are when people come to one of our shops to get a water sport vehicle to have faith and trust in the products/service to be safe
Do you have any questions about the presentation ?
Welcome to Aquaspexs
Financial Goals
Marketing and Product Objective
Marketing Program
Positioning of the product
This product could is essential to people between the teenage years(14+) to adults.
Mission and Vision
Vision - In about 2-3 years of opening we would have a a lot of clients and when the see any water sports or hear about it they immediately think of us

We believe that everyone can buy this surfboard, but we would focus more on aquatic sports fanatics because they are more interested in this products.
Points of difference
The things that sets us apart from our competitors and what is our competitive advantage is that our surfboard is self-propelled which is a developing technological improvement in water sport technology.
Our financial goals are to increase the sales revenue and to minimize the costs of goods because we believe that is the most important part of a businesses success. To increase the sales revenue we will have to employ the necessary labour, do good publicity and manage to increase the number of customers. To minimize the cost of goods, we would employ the best person to choose the best quality of goods at the cheapest price. We also plan after a few years of retailing we plan on kaing the boards our selves and then bying the differetn types of engines to power them from China.
Target Market
We have a new product to present
to you
I would have to say that the main competitors that our company and product would have to deal with would have to be other water sports companies for
example Waterholics in Tobago does most of the water sporting rentals there.Being a new company in this business we have to market or company and product to build a client base and the companies that were out longer would have more clients to work
with.To get where they are we have to gain clients by going to water sporting events and exhibitions.

Our organization makes us very unique because we are
selling a self-propelled surfboard, which is a developing technology on surfboards, and we are giving three month training on it.

Being a new company bringing out a new product we wont have a steady client base and not many people would of hear about us. There is only one other company that sell jetboards but they are located in the United States Of America

If the technology that we putted in the surfboard becomes better, we would buy the improved technology and make a better self-propelled surfboard.

Competition is a powerful threat. Competitors are also trying to invent a self-propelled surfboard which will give us competition and will try to minimize the costs as low as possible which will be more competitive.

SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis
The marketing of our new product the jet propelled surfboard would be going to the a crowed beach and just use the first product to use and so people could see. Another way would be advertisement at water sport events and beaches to water sport enthusiastic.
Consumer Analysis
I think that our consumers could be any one
that able to ride a surfboard people from ages 7-60 would use it meaning that we would have different sizes and it is very easy to use and we would give lessons fro those interested on how to use it.

Making you
wet since 2012
The positioning of our product would be about the same level as a jet ski.
Anyone can use (with a little bit of practice)
it is about the same price range as a jet ski
Jet Board
Slogan- Making you wet since 2012
Price range-$15-$30,000 USD
Promotions - We will have some pretty ladies at sporting events with our company name written on and they will also do some demonstrations with the jet board. We also plan on doing advertisement and graphics in a local motor sports magazine called Zorce.
Place Strategy- Our company will provide sales in our shop and delivery to most places in the Caribbean.
Our most important non-financial goal is customer satisfaction, making sure that the customer is happy with our product, so we prepared to give the customers a free 3 month lesson so they get practice. Another important goal is employee training and development because with more employee training, the employees will have moreknowledge of their job and that will increase the productivity as well as the revenue.To be able to increase revenue, we have to also control the amount of employees working,not too much nor too less.

Non-Financial Goals
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